JPEG application Standards - ETSI Videotex Photographic Mode

Date Title File(s)
November 1990 Terminal Equipment (TE); Videotex presentation layer protocol; Videotex presentation layer data syntax ets_300072e01p.pdf
November 1990 Videotex presentation layer data syntax; Geometric Display (CEPT Recommendation T/TE 06-02, Edinburgh 1988) ets_300073e01p.pdf
September 1992 Terminal Equipment (TE); Videotex; Photographic Syntax ets_300177e01p.pdf
May 1994 Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN); Audiovisual services; Frame structure for a 64 kbit/s to 1 920 kbit/s channel and associated syntax for inband signalling ets_300144e01p.pdf