Welcome to the Original JPEG Heritage Association

In November 2019 an international group of core contributors to the original JPEG standard (1986-1992) formed the Original JPEG Heritage Association. The group consists of - in alphabetical order:

Then Now
Graham Hudson - United Kingdom
Founding Chairman of JPEG
Association Board Member
Dr. Alain Léger - France
Leader of the ADCT development team
Association Board Member
Birger Niss - Denmark
Principal coding algorithm developer
Association Secretary General
Dr. István Sebestyén - Germany
CCITT Special Rapporteur
Association President
Dr. Jørgen Vaaben - Denmark
Principal coding algorithm developer
Association Board Member
Gregory Wallace - United States
Chairman of JPEG at Standardisation
Association Board Member

The association tells the exciting story of one of the most successful international standards, used billions of times each day. Told by those who made it.

Why did we decide to found now the “Original JPEG Heritage Association”?