Key contributors to the JPEG standard

Many people from around the world participated during the years 1986-1992 in the development, drafting, testing and finishing of the JPEG standard.
The key contributors are listed below - in alphabetical order - together with their affiliation at the time.

  • Dr. Aharon Gill - Zoran Corporation, Israel
  • Eric Hamilton - C-Cube Microsystems, USA
  • Graham Hudson - British Telecom Research Laboratories (BTRL), UK
  • Dr. Alain Léger - Centre Commun d'Études de Télévision et de Télécommunications (CCETT), France
  • Dr. Adriaan Ligtenberg - Storm Technology, USA
  • Dr. Herbert Lohscheller - ANT Nachrichtentechnik GmbH, Germany
  • Dr. Joan Mitchell † - International Business Machines (IBM), USA
  • Birger Niss - Kjøbenhavns Telefon Aktie Selskab (KTAS), Autograph International (AGI), Denmark
  • Dr. Takao Omachi - NEC Corporation (NEC), Japan
  • Dr. William Pennebaker - International Business Machines (IBM), USA
  • Henning Poulsen - Kjøbenhavns Telefon Aktie Selskab (KTAS), Denmark
  • Dr. István Sebestyén - Siemens AG, Germany
  • Dr. Jørgen Vaaben - Kjøbenhavns Telefon Aktie Selskab (KTAS), Autograph International (AGI), Denmark
  • Gregory Wallace - Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), USA